The Computing curriculum provides opportunities for learners to develop both their computing and technology capability. The curriculum promotes necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to enable them to be digitally literate at an individual level suitable for the future workplace and to become active participants in a digital world.

At Landgate School, we acknowledge the importance of deepening learner’s skills, knowledge and understanding through transference of skills across the curriculum. Learners have access to a portable laptop and ipad trolley to immerse Computing and Technology across and within the curriculum.

E-safety is continuously promoted and encouraged to all of our learners, teaching them to understand a range of ways to access and use technology safely, responsibly and respectfully.


Key Stage 1 & 2- learners are assessed against Primary Learning Ladders stages 1-15.

Key Stage 3- Learners are assessed against Flight Paths.

Key Stage 4- Learners work towards an appropriately challenging external accreditation.

Key Stage 5- Learners apply their Computing skills across a work and employability based accreditation.

 Key learning

Key Stage 1 are encouraged to use technology purposefully, safely and respectfully. They are also encouraged to recognise common uses of information technology beyond school.

Key Stage 2 are encouraged to begin using logical reasoning, understand computer networks including the internet, use search technologies and to recognise acceptable and unacceptable behaviours regarding technology.

Key Stage 3 are encouraged to understand a range of ways to use technology safely, including protecting their online identity. They are also encouraged to use logical reasoning to solve a variety of computational problems.

Key Stage 4 are encouraged to develop their capability, knowledge and creative in computer science, digital media and technology as well as developing their computational thinking skills.


The outcomes that learners are working towards are adapted and suited to their abilities and needs and are delivered through a variety of methods to allow all learners to be able to access the ICT and Computing curriculum.



Long Term Plans