At Landgate School learners in key stage one, two and three follow the National Curriculum. The areas of learning for English are: Spoken language, Reading and Writing.

At key stage four and five learners work towards accredited units of work that are suited to learners’ abilities.

Within key stage three, four and five English is planned and delivered by a secondary English teachers,


In key stage one and two, learners are assessed against the Learning Ladders, which consist of the P scales (Stages 1-9) and National Curriculum year expectations (Stage 10-15).

In key stage three, learners are assessed against Flight Paths which are a breakdown of P scales and National Curriculum year expectations.

In key stage four and five learners are assess against the accreditation criteria for each unit of work.


The reading schemes used at Landgate School include:

  • Oxford Reading tree
  • Dandelion readers
  • Jelly and Bean books
  • Rising Stars – shadows and downloads
  • Dockside


Phonics is taught using Letters and Sounds across key stage one, two and three. Letters and sounds is designed to help practitioners and teachers teach learners how the alphabet works for reading and spelling by:

  • Fostering learners speaking and listening skills as valuable in their own right and as preparatory to learning phonics knowledge and skills
  • Teaching high quality phonics work at the point they judge learners should begin the programme.