Leading Aspect Award


“Landgate School have successfully renewed their Leading Aspects Award status.  The title of the award is ‘Continuing and Evaluating good communication practice throughout the whole school’.

The assessors praised many aspects of the work carried out by The Communication Team, particularly the following:

– The School community work closely with the speech and language team to implement, review and action where required and amend the strategy during key points in the school year.

– The school uses key word and image communication tools at every possible opportunity. Thus ensuring the learners are provided with an empowering and inclusive learning, socialising and personal environment all the time building on the learners communication skills.

– The lead speech and language therapist provides the teaching, support staff and parents with access to a very detailed data base. Ensuring the effective monitoring of learners progress and highlighting any need for intensive support. This data base provides the basis for on going individual support for pupils”.