Afterschool Clubs - Wednesday 3pm to 4.55pm

At Oakfield we aim to provide quality activities in a supportive environment. Club staff are enthusiastic, energetic, imaginative and highly motivated to deliver afterschool clubs that engage and excite learners, build self -confidence, resilience and develop social skills.

Clubs running this year

Let's get Cooking

Let’s Get Cooking is a healthy cooking club for Oakfield students and their families.

When children eat better, they do better. So we’re all about inspiring children to learn to cook and enjoy good food, giving them the confidence and skills they need to get hands-on in the kitchen and make healthier food choices.

All ingredients are provided which gives the opportunity for everyone to experiment with new recipes, and try out meals they may not have prepared before, in a fun and relaxed way.

From Page to Stage (Performance and Dance)

Oakfield has talent and it will flourish at this new club, which was requested by the learners. There will be acting, singing and dancing and the first term will be rehearsing for a Christmas Show which will be open to parents to come along and enjoy.

Get Active

Get Active offers learners the opportunity to develop new skills in many sports and to to have fun along the way. We aim to build confidence, improve social and communication skills and allow them to attempt new challenges with an open mind.

Mind to Unwind

This is a new club which has been requested by the learners. A well-being programme consisting of simple effective techniques designed to improve the well-being of young people. To include; Breathing and stretching exercises; Relaxation and visualisation; Self-massage techniques; Art therapy and Music Therapy. Watch this space for opportunities for parents to come along and join in.