O.A.T.S (Oakfield Animal Therapy Scheme)

Magical creatures fill our science department from bearded dragons to degus and all play a special role here at Oakfield.

The animals are used for a variety of science lessons including variation, selective breeding, adaptation and classification, as well as Animal care units as part of the Landbased course at college.

More importantly is the work that they do from a therapy point of view, helping to create a relaxed and calm environment for the learners to work in.

Specific learners are also invited to take part in a series of workshops with our therapy dogs, Ellie and her apprentice Matilda. These sessions are used to build relationships and trust and teach learners about ways of communication and relaxation.

Matilda is our therapy dog. Matilda is a Border terrier X Jack Russell Terrier and has fitted into school work well.

Cheese, Pickle and Prim are our collection of guinea pigs with the funkiest hair in town.

Humbug and Liquorice are rabbits who are brother and sister.

Fred and George are our degu's.

Mr.T is the least cuddly of our critters but still a favourite. He is a bearded dragon who thankfully, has become less grumpy as the years have gone on.

Flash is our four year old Horsfield tortoise and everyone's favourite. She is a bit of a speed demon, for a tortoise, and likes nothing better than patrolling the science lab whilst people are working.