At Landgate School we strive to achieve the best outcomes for all learners by ensuring they get the support they need to make well informed, realistic decisions about their future through the right guidance and varied opportunities.

From when learners start Landgate School we prepare them for life after Landgate. Each year, all learners participate in annual enterprise days, providing a flavour of life at work. Embedded into our curriculum is development of learners wellbeing independence, resilience, communication, social and physical skills, promoting firm foundations.

Planning Live Events and Annual Reviews in Key Stage 4 and 5 provide a time for learners and their parents to reflect, gather information and plan for their future through a multi agency approach.

Work experience and world of work opportunities are provided for all learners either in Key Stage 4 and/ or 5 suitable to their interests and needs.

In Key Stage 5, learners aim towards an accreditation linked to work and employability, providing purposeful learning and preparation for any future careers.

Careers Links