Throughout key stage 5, students will be given learning experiences to manage their lives now and laying the foundation learning that will be gradually developed through the programme, as we prepare them for their future.

Increasingly, future employers are asking potential employees not only to describe their key skills and attributes but also to evidence where they have demonstrated competence in applying them, for example describing when they have taken on a variety of roles within a team or led a team to a successful outcome. Work within PSHE education can provide opportunities to evidence these skills and attributes. This key stage represents our last opportunity to ensure that young people have real competence in the skills, language and strategies, and extend the knowledge and understanding they have been developing throughout their PSHE education, ready for independent living and the next stage in their education or career.

Students will cover:

  • Developing Healthy Lifestyle –effects of Binge Drinking and Drug Abuse / Anger Management / Sex and Relationship Education / First Aid / Body Image / Healthy Diet / Exercise / stress
  • Life skills – Parenting Skills / D.I.Y
  • Managing Risks – Travelling / Sun Protection /Independent travel
  • Throughout Key stage 5 students will gain accreditation - Travel Training Qualification / First Aid Certificate Year 14/ /ASDAN PSD /ASDAN Wider Key Skills Qualification