Active enrichment will be based around sports coaching. Students will be taking part in a range of sessions to develop into sports coaches. Students will also be completing the Youth Sports Trust Leadership Award through these sessions. Its purpose is to evidence learning, progress and achievement in and through sport. It aims to build positive lifestyle habits and behaviours and empowers young people to take ownership of developing their own skills. Students will be building up to running their own coaching sessions in a range of sports.



Gym Enrichment sessions are designed to give learners the chance to take part in a fitness session using the gym equipment at Leigh Sports Village. Learners take part in an induction session then work week by week at developing and improving their fitness on the machines and equipment. The format of the sessions includes a warm- up and a shower to ensure the learners understand the importance of safety and personal hygiene when exercising.


Community Access

Community access is and enrichment session which involves the learners using public transport to visit various sites and centres in local area. These include the library, shopping areas and local parks. The sessions are designed to support levels of independence and independent travel for our learners and enable them to explore their environment in a supported way. The focus of road and personal safety is reinforced for all learners.


Art Attack

Art Attack is a creative enrichment session which gives all learners the chance to express themselves in different types of art work from prints to paints and sculpture. Learners have the opportunity to explore different artists work or be creative in their own style.  This year as part of our Arts Mark Award learners will be given the opportunity to complete and Art Award for their portfolio.


News Team

News Team is a media based enrichment session and has the responsibility of producing our weekly newsletter. Leaners use the equipment we have available to record weekly news stories and produce podcasts. Photography and editing are also explored as part of the sessions. Learners are encouraged to think about cyber safety and using social media in a responsible way.


Aqua Sports

Aqua Sports enrichment sessions give our learners the opportunity to develop their swimming ability with support from a qualified instructor at Leigh Sports Village. Learners are given the support to progress and earn certificates. The sessions also include fun and fitness in the shape of Badminton and team games. Water safety and the need to be fit and active are reinforced with our learners.


Life Skills

Life Skills enrichment sessions are tailored to suit the needs of the learners within the group. A team from Wigan Leisure Culture Trust come into college to work with learners about all things, personal health and safety, fitness and wellbeing. The team discuss healthy life choices and how to access activities which will support a healthy lifestyle. Learners throughout the programme work on their self-esteem, emotional wellbeing and their fitness.