Bringing Learning to Life through Computing 

Computing is a vital aspect of modern day society, as the world evolves so does technology. It is continually increasing and developing on a regular basis and it is important that we are providing knowledge and opportunities to support our learners to thrive and not only know how to stay safe when using it but also how to seek help when needed. Teaching computational thinking to learners will support them in making sense of the world and will enable them to grow to be able to contribute and participate in our quickly changing society. Computing supports learners to communicate, research, discover, create, problem solve and develop reasoning as well as gain many more transferable skills. 

At Landgate School, we believe that Computing is an essential part of our lives, therefore we provide a wide-range of opportunities to access technology to support learning and understanding as well as accessing a range of experiences. We aim to enable our learners to become equipped in being a creative digital citizen as well as resilient, therefore, we offer a flexible long-term plan that can be accessed by all, with a wide range of resources that are continually replenished and updated to match the ongoing changes in technology. We encourage Computing to be used cross-curricular as well as promoting these skills to be transferred to their everyday lives. Through stimulating and concrete experiences we aim to promote a love for learning as well as encouraging confidence and independence using technology.

Long Term Plans