Bringing learning to life through History and Geography

At Landgate School we aim to inspire learners’ curiosity and fascination of the world around them and how it has changed over time. We believe that Humanities confirms and extends the knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live. Our aim is to develop the thinking and enquiry skills of learners and the ability to recognise the effects of people, places and events on themselves, their surroundings and the wider world.


We offer a multi-sensory approach to the History and Geography curriculum to encourage all learners to reach their academic potential and develop knowledge, skills and understanding that will support them both across the curriculum and for lifelong learning.

Relevant topic boxes are used, containing artefacts and multisensory objects to support learning. The school grounds have a wealth of opportunities for learners to promote learning outside the classroom.

Learners access the local area and local historical sites to develop real life understanding of their environment and the past. Learners have visited Speke Hall when learning about the Tudors, investigated Roman sites in the local area and the Imperial War Museum. Geography visits include Haigh Hall, Beacon Country Park and Three Sisters Nature Reserve.