Bringing Learning to Life through PE

At Landgate, Learners from Early Years to Key Stage 5 participate in weekly PE/ Physical Development sessions. We follow the Early Years Handbook and National Curriculum. These sessions aim to be high energy and develop learners’ health, fitness, strength, flexibility, coordination, gross motor skills and planning. Learners acquire, develop and apply locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulative skills.  Learners also have rich opportunities to develop their sensory regulation and communication skills, through their preferred communication. We aim for all learners to develop a love for self-care, wellbeing and mental fitness. Sessions also support learners’ social skills, teamwork and respect for themselves and others. We also provide opportunities for inter and intra school competitions.

Learners up to Key Stage 4, have opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities including: Games, Gymnastics, Dance, Athletics and Outdoor Education.

Early Years, Primary and Key Stage 5, learners have regular opportunities to attend Swimming and this is adapted to the learner’s stage of swimming development. Swimming can support muscle development, healthy heart and lungs, posture, coordination and overall emotional regulation coupled with lifesaving skills.  Learners develop water confidence through play, developing on to specific swimming techniques and survival.

Bringing Learning to Life through Healthy Growth

Healthy Growth is Landgate’s term which encompasses the day to day activities that promote learners’ physical development and health and well-being. Personal development is also a key focus within our homework menus, encouraging continuously learning at home. Healthy Growth opportunities vary dependent on the class cohort and individual needs. This may include some or many of the following activities:

  • Playtimes
  • Trikes and bikes
  • Flexible Classrooms- Trampettes, floor circuits, spinners, exercise balls, hand ups.
  • Dance videos
  • Yoga/ stretches
  • Outdoor learning- including he hideout
  • Sensory circuits
  • Rebound Therapy
  • Swimming
  • Local walks
  • Park visits
  • Massage
  • Story Massage
  • Fundabidozi
  • Theme Days e.g. Hello Yellow Day
  • Pastoral Coaching and Mentoring
  • Zones of Regulation
  • Get moving programmes
  • Music and Meditation
  • PSHE / RSE lessons
  • Morning and afternoon groups
  • Lunchtimes
  • Breakfast time
  • Mindfulness activities
  • Trim Trail
  • Life Space
  • Playground


These daily activities offer a wealth of opportunities for our learners to practice their communication and social skills. Example of this include making choices, express emotions, take turns, make requests, give their opinions, reject or refuse; whilst also allowing staff to model individual communication systems to support our young people in developing and using their voice.

Bringing Learning to Life through Physical Development - Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Engagement in the wealth of physical opportunities provided throughout the school day provides the fundamental experiences and core development that our learners require in order to then increase and refine their fine and gross motor skills. Our fine motor movements and hand function are only as effective as our core muscles (the muscles in our abdomen, pelvis and back). We need good core muscles to be able to maintain a good posture & stabilise our bodies.

Rebound Therapy

Rebound Therapy is an activity that uses a trampoline to provide opportunities for movement and therapeutic exercise.  The phase ‘Rebound Therapy’, describes a specific methodology, assessment and programme of use of trampolines to provide opportunities for enhanced movement patterns, therapeutic positioning, exercise and recreation for a wide range of users with additional needs. Rebound Therapy is used to facilitate movement, promote balance, promote an increase or decrease in muscle tone, promote relaxation, promote sensory integration, improve fitness and exercise tolerance and to improve communication skills. Sessions are needs led for individuals, groups and cohorts and are delivered by a qualified in school Rebound Therapist. We follow the Winstrada program of Rebound Therapy from grades 1-10.

Outdoor Environment

Landgate has a high quality outside environment including: large play equipment, climbing frame and swing, trim trail equipment, bikes and trikes, fitness apparatus and space to move. Learners have access to bicycles and tricycles to promote balance and stability; sporting equipment to promote basic sports skills; cross curricular equipment to bring their class learning to the outdoors. All learners have regular access to our woodland area where they participate in a wide range of activities including den building, swinging/ moving and archery, following our woodland curriculum at the ‘hideout’.


Long Term Plans