E-safety is a fundamental part of children’s education in the digital world. Technology is continually increasing and developing on a regular basis which is why it is vital that we are providing knowledge and opportunities to enable our learners to understand how to stay safe when using it, but also how to seek help when needed.
During your child’s time at Landgate, we will provide appropriate lessons and activities to support their understanding and knowledge in staying safe online by following the guidance of the ‘Education for a connected world’ document. Our belief is that the use of technology and the internet is an essential tool to allow children to develop and access the modern world, however, we are aware that there are always concerns, which is why a filtering system has been put in place to restrict access to undesirable materials. Access to technology is closely monitored to ensure that the learners are able to use the devices appropriately and that an adult is on hand to support any issues that may arise.
To support you at home we have suggested a few useful websites below:

Think U Know
Internet Matters