Leading Parent Partnerships Award

At Oakfield we work tirelessly with our children and their families providing information, guidance and training to ensure our learners are well prepared for life after Oakfield.  Our service is second to none.

On Tuesday 13th March 2018 Oakfield achieved the Leading Parent Partnerships Award - a national award, with a programme of events that provide valuable opportunities to fulfil the parent group mission statement.

‘Supporting each other today for our young person’s tomorrow’

Effective and positive parent partnerships can have very real and lasting impact on improvements in pupil behaviour, attendance and achievement. We hope to continue to develop communication between school and home and nurture the child/parent relationships by provide a wide range of opportunities and events to help you to help them.

The benefits to learners

  • Learners see value in what they are learning
  • Learners can access more activities outside of school
  • Learners achieve more when they learn at home with support
  • Learners see that you are interested in what they are doing at school

The benefits to parents/carers

  • You are better able help and encourage your child
  • You can learn more about the curriculum and have opportunities to ask questions
  • You can build your own skills and confidence
  • You can get a better understanding of how school works