At Oakfield we offer Music therapy through fully trained professionals who work with individuals and groups of learners. Music therapy aims to facilitate positive changes in emotional wellbeing and communication through engagement in live musical interaction between learners and therapist. A wide range of instruments can be used, including the voice, and the music created is often improvised. Using music in this way, learners can create their own unique musical language in which to explore and connect with the world and express themselves.  

Music acts as an alternative mode of communication which can be much more accessible than words for many people. All people – whether they have physical or mental limitations or not, can relate to music in a multitude of ways, where words or actions may be misunderstood, providing an opportunity for expression and improvements in health and wellbeing. 

Learners have engaged with the personalised programmes that have been created for them and use the sessions as an opportunity to relax and reflect. Increased communication through these sessions has helped to build confidence and resilience in learners throughout the rest of their school life.