Parental Engagement Sessions

Please find below a summary of our next parental engagement sessions.

A letter will be sent to all parents/carers closer to the date. Parents/ carers are then encouraged to reply to inform school if they wish to attend.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank parents/carers who have previously attended and provided excellent feedback.

We thank you for continued time and support.

Parental Engagement

Please read our excellent feedback from our Parental Engagement Sessions.

We hope to see you for our next session.

The feedback is below:

Sensory and Rebound Therapy Session  

“It was good to see what children are doing in rebound therapy and to have been given the opportunity to try it for yourself.”

“Really useful session and well put together- Thanks.”

“Really good to see, feel and experience all the sensory toys and activities, Thank you.”

Cooking and Nutrition - healthy eating tips

“Good advice on how to change ways to introduce veg without them knowing if you have fussy eaters.”

“Made me aware of whole family dietary requirements.”

“Thought the session was very helpful and has come at the right time for us. I have some ideas to try with my child to encourage eating a wider variety of foods and I have found the section on food sensitivities really helpful.”

Mathematics Homework Ideas

“Gave me some really good ideas on how to engage my child with Maths play.”

“Before I thought it was reading a book with him or sitting and writing something, but today I learnt how it’s doing with him in very easy ways, in the kitchen, outside. Thank you very much for your help.”

“Great ideas, very useful. Helps parents put different ideas for Maths into the home through play and make it fun.”