Landgate School has two Pastoral Managers.

Primary Pastoral Manager, Early years, Key stage 1 and 2: Jackie TaylorSecondary Pastoral Manager, Key stage 3, 4 and post 16: Andrea Foulkes.

As part of the job role in school we support learners, staff, and parents to promote the independence and progression of all learners in school;

We help to promote the positive ethos of Landgate School by showing prospective parents, children and families around the school. We introduce parents to other services within the Wigan Borough to support social interaction,communication and understanding of the child’s needs around Autism.

We support the transition from nursery children in Early years.

We liaise with nursery provision, observing children in their settings.

We help to support learners through the new Education health and care plan process which has taken over from the statement process and during the first term in school we will liaise with the SEND team at Wigan LEA to complete the necessary documentation to begin this process. This also helps with the successful transition into school.

We liaise with other services within Wigan to help parents and promote the successful progression throughout the child’s time in school.

We have effective links with Start Well services, Behaviour support service, Careers service and family respite service all of these services referrals can be made by ourselves to help and support parents who need extra support and encouragement to help the learners develop their independent skills.

We attend the annual review of statements and Education health and care plans and other designated meetings to support the learners during their time in school.

We also support parents with appointments and transitions to other establishments e.g. Post 16 provision settings and mainstream settings that Landgate learners access as part of their school day.

We have successful links with the Gateway service in Wigan and liaise with the key workers to
complete referrals to support parents in the home environment.
The good attendance of all leaners in school is conducive to successful progression, we monitor the
attendance of all learners in school and work closely with Gateway as part of the monitoring
process to support this.

As part of good behaviour management we complete the Positive handling plans by supporting class teachers to help promote good learning and social interaction skills whilst in school. We play an active part in supporting Children Looked After learners by attending regular meetings, liaising with other professionals and recording the progress of these learners during their time at school.

We promote positive links with the family respite and careers services and work closely with parents to help support the successful transition of young people when they move into adult services.

We work closely with the medical services around the North West, and have effective links with the Epilepsy and Diabetic services and arrange training for all staff in school to help support the learners with medical conditions.

We work closely with the TESS team (Targeted Educational Support Service) to promote positive behaviour support and understanding for learners with additional needs as well as their Autism.

We promote a safe and secure environment for learners to attend school by attending regular safe guarding courses and liaise with other professionals.

We are always happy to help parents and can be contacted in school at any time.