Funbox Jo/Singing

Funbox Jo sessions combine music with signing. During sessions, learners are taught signalong signs to different songs and develop social interaction. Sessions support learners’ Spoken Language targets and promote health and wellbeing. Learners are developing independence with signing and applying signing in class, promoting a language rich environment.

The sessions are purposeful, learners work towards performing their songs in end of half term assemblies.
Identified learners attend Oakfield Thursday mornings for Funbox Jo’s session and then apply their communication on a visit in the community. This visit supports applying maths skills in addition to their awareness of their community.

24 staff have achieved Foundation Signalong Training, embedding signing in class.
Learner voice for Funbox Jo: “I really love these sessions.”

Our singing intervention consists of warm up singing activities and singing learners’ favourite songs to the piano. Learners are developing their singing to be able to perform, the intervention focuses on increasing learner confidence, health and wellbeing and resilience. The session also supports learner progress towards their learning ladders and flightpaths.
Learner voice for Singing: “I like being able to choose the songs we sing.”