Reading for Pleasure

In relation to the key focus of Reading for Pleasure on 2017-2018 SIP school has approached this via several strands.
Initially an informative and creative session was held for staff from the Federation as part of a joint Inset day. The session explored why and what learners read for pleasure and how to develop and encourage this reading on a cross curricular basis.
Staff had been set a flip learning task and discussed their approach to Reading for Pleasure and engaged with other staff in what they had been reading over the holidays.
In the autumn term all new learners to Oakfield have taken part in Bookbuzz. They have been give a free book of their choice from a selection of titles from The Book Trust and will keep this book in order to generate enthusiasm for reading independently. A display in school highlights their choices and enthusiasm for the books and learner voice support this.
Each week in the school newsletter we have a top reading tips section for parents: this offers guidance to parents in bite sized chunks of how to engage with their child and develop home reading.

Evaluations from CPD indicate that 82.5% of staff felt they were high impact. Learning walks and monitoring of reading at form time indicates learners enjoy reading and are being encouraged to read often. Learning walks demonstrate that the CPD is leading to the effective use of reading for pleasure in subject areas.

A Patron of Reading has been appointed to work with learners at Oakfield High School and College. The first session of this took place during literacy week with year 7 learners responding to Peter Lynas reading books by creating pictures and writing their own stories.

On World Book Day Peter shared his new book ‘Bunny’ with all school in assembly and college learners then created their own bunny biscuits and Food Technology. In Art college learners have created a pottery ‘Dragosaurus’ which will soon be on display in the school entrance.

M&M productions have delivered the pantomime ’Aladdin’ to all school learners on Tuesday 6th February 2018 and this was a great success.

A library visit has taken place with College learners were they were introduced to the facilities within this setting. Learners were able to talk with staff at the library about the services available such as job searching and workshops. Some learners were already members, all of the learners said that they would like to join the library in the future.

A lunchtime club is now held in the library daily. This models reading for pleasure with learners and is well attended. A variety of books are used across the week to target a range of learning abilities.

A parental engagement session is planned for the Summer term, to advise parents and carers about reading strategies and to introduce them to our patron of reading.