Annual Key Stage residentials to Low Bank Ground or Hinning House give learners the opportunity to live and work together. The residential experience takes learners out of their comfort zone.

Through the work and the life of the centres; the residentials aims are to encourage:

  • active citizenship
  • healthy living
  • active and co-operative learning
  • awareness of the local and global environment
  • personal responsibility

Learners develop skills for learning, life and work such as resilience, communication, social interaction and self-care.  Learners are encouraged to use transferrable skills acquired on the residentials, in the school setting and beyond. Learners flourish and develop a ‘can do’ attitude immersed in a holistic outdoor education.

Learners take part in activities such as Gyhll Scrambling, Canoeing, Kayaking, Rock Climbing; Cave walking and leading a self-led walk.

 “I like Low Bank because it’s awesome, we can do all different stuff and we have to do things by ourselves” Year 14 learner

“Low Bank is the best because we can go Kayaking on the lake. I hadn’t done it before” Year 13 learner