Speech and Language Therapy

Communication is relevant to all aspects of the school day, our highly specialist Speech and Language Therapist collaborates with school staff to ensure that communication skills are embedded in the classroom within all subjects areas across the curriculum.  In addition to this, effective communication strategies are in place for learners at unstructured times e.g. lunchtime and playtime. This universal approach to the development of communication skills benefits all learners.

The School service works at:

Universal Level which covers staff training and on-going support for staff and learners.

Targeted Level which covers setting of targets for learners, assessment and observationsupport for class team; staff training in specific techniques.

When more Specialist SaLT or OT intervention is felt to be appropriate, referrals are made to Wigan, Wrightington & Leigh Trust. For example, when a learner may need an additional and augmentative communication device or when support is requested through the annual review process at home.

The communication and sensory needs of all learners are assessed and reviewed regularly by the Therapy Team throughout the academic year.